Capture methods

ESTATEKO S.L.  has introduced important technological innovations in the development of its activity, which include:


  • Use of night vision cameras to carry out surveys and monitoring programs of the populations.
  • Creation and development of 2 capture methods managed with remote control: Corral trap and Drop netting or suspended.

Good technology is a guarantee of success

The drop network method

The capture with suspended network is an innovative method, created by ESTRATEKO S.L. and unique in Europe.

This method allows the whole of the management of the populations of fauna carried out by ESTRATEKO S.L. be it:

  • LEGAL. Respect the established regulations.
  • HOMOLOGATED. Catch method approved by European Directive 2001/95 / EC.
  • SAFE. It guarantees the safety of the people in the environment where the capture is carried out, both for those who work there and for the citizens. It allows performing actions in urban, peri-urban and rural areas where other methods would be dangerous.
  • GUN FREE. The firearm is not used.
  • SELECTIVE. Since the moment of the capture is completely selective. The decision to capture or not is taken by the professional. Also in the process of managing the captured animals it is possible to make a selection of individuals and decide if it is convenient to sacrifice them, transfer them or release them.
  • ECOLOGICAL. No chemicals are used and no waste is left on the ground. And we also take into account the dynamics of the population and its impact on the ecosystem.
  • ETHICS. It guarantees that no suffering or ill-treatment of any kind is caused to the individuals of the species to be controlled.
  • ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE. The balance between benefits obtained and the expenses generated is positive.
  • TECHNICALLY VALID. It has the necessary technology and material.
  • ACCEPTED. It is a method accepted by the Department of Livestock and Livestock Agriculture (DARP) as a method of capture.
  • DISCREET. Thanks to the assembly and dismantling method that is done in a short space of time, it causes it to become unnoticed.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE CERTIFICATE. Our catch method adapts to non-cruel international catching standards.

If you are interested in buying or renting our capture method, you can contact us without obligation!